Creating custom fields

Does anyone have any experience creating a custom field where you can choose more than 1 option in the drop-down? For example, I’m trying to create a content calendar and would like a drop-down for social platforms, but sometimes one piece of content is published on more than one platform and I would like to track that. Suggestions??

Thanks for the help

I had never actually thought about doing it that way, rather my social calendar has custom field options for each platform and then a combination of platforms.

Hi @Kellee_Kosiorek,

As you’ve seen, Asana does not currently provide custom fields that support multiple selection. It’s something that’s been requested; you should add your vote for it here:

In terms of workarounds, the two that I can think of are the one that @Sara_Miguel illustrated above, and using Tags instead of a custom field since you can add multiple Tags to a task.

Or you can have several times the same (or almost the same) custom fields like “Platform #1” “Platform #2” “Platform #3:man_shrugging: But Sara’s idea is great!

Hi all - thanks so much for your quick help :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!