Creating a "Zapier bot" in Asana



As a bit of fun, I created a “Zapier bot” to create tasks and leave comments based on Zapier actions (a bit like having a robotic assistant). To do this, I set up a new Asana account using a company email and called it “Zapier” (and set the profile icon as the Zapier logo).

In Zapier I have a few Zaps that auto-create tasks based on certain actions. eg. For example, I use tasks to manage my consulting clients (I’m an Asana consultant) when I schedule a call with a client in Google Calendar, it sets this up as a subtask on the client’s parent task. The Zap will find the right task based on the client’s name, creates the subtask using the Zapier account and posts a comment.

Here’s the subtask with details of the call including a “Call” tag and the duration in the task title:

Because the subtask is created by another Asana account, I get the following notifications in my inbox:

And here’s the comment. I have this posted on the parent task which is where I record all client activity:



Paul. This is so cool! Any chance we could see the bot in action? Maybe a series of photos? Would love to see how this manifests in Asana!


@Alexis I’ve updated my original post. What do you think?


Ahh very cool! Thanks for sharing.


Pretty neat! I ran into this issue with a particular workflow using email forwarding and realized that I wouldn’t get notifications that a task was created in a project because I was the one technically creating it! Foiled!

Anyway, interesting and fun to play with if you have an open space! =)

Tasks created by Google Forms

Great Paul!
Love to see these Zapier hacks :slight_smile:


Love this - thanks Paul!