Creating a Workflow for "end date" that is not a "due date"

I can’t find this in the forums. I have a request board for tracking photography requests. The official “DUE DATE” is when the final images have to be provided to the marketing team. But inside the TASK, i have 2 columns to say when the between starts and ends.

I want to create a workflow that move the task from Section A (shoot in progress) to Section B (shoot complete). I would think this would be ask simple as …

When SHOOT END is before [TODAY], then move TASK-A to SECTION B. … (This will alert the asset manager to be notified to get the images.)

But when I go into the workflow, it says that the date needs to before before a defined date (I have to select the date on a calendar). Because the shoots are always happening, this won’t work for the workflow and i would have to change it manually for every shoot.

Am I missing something in the Workflow?

Again, I do not want this in the DUE DATE column (which is native to Asana) but in the SHOOT END date column that I created.


This isn’t supported in Asana natively, I’m afraid.

Perhaps the third-party (@Phil_Seeman).



Yes, @Kelly_Fisher, this is available via the rules in our Flowsana integration:

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