Creating a Webhook for when a Task is reordered within a project's section

Hi, we are an agile development team who prioritize tasks on their order within a project therefor I would like to trigger custom logic any time that tasks are reordered within a project’s section.
Is this possible?

Is it also possible to get a task’s overall position in a section? I do not see a property for this value.


Hi @Adam_Singer1

I don’t know about a webhook if the position change.

But I know that when you query all tasks for a section, or for a project, they are returned in the order you see them on screen. You can’t get the position of one single task when you query it, but you get it from the order it is returned in that section.


Thanks Frederic, I noticed this and considered it as a work-around but it is not a scalable solution for large backlogs.

@Frederic_Malenfant is correct - there’s no webhook event for a task changing its position within a section.