Creating a template project


Hi , Im a total newbie to asana . for the short term I literally want to use this to Manage orders , its a really simple business I operate with a range of 20 or so products .

So I want to create a template Project of which keeps all the subheadings / tasks and then I can just fill in the smaller details for each specific order ?

So can I create a template ? How do I do it ?

Thanks in advance

Is it possible to copy and project and tasks?


Yes, you can, @Dale_Wild.

The idea is to just create a project that looks like the template you want. This will act as the template, so I recommend naming it something like “TEMPLATE: Order Fulfillment” or whatever.

You’ll then be duplicating that project whenever you want a copy. There’s a few different ways to do that, but that’s the overall process.

If you’re interested, I created an online course that walks you through the whole process of using templates, and even automating the creation of a project like that when an order comes in using Zapier. It’s called the Asana Training Masterclass.