Creating a Team Challenge/Competition

In our 10 person office, I would describe about half of us as power users and the other half as barely familiar/using Asana. We want to create a challenge or competition among us that is going to encourage everyone to use Asana. Some ideas were to

  • give some recognition to the most organized person of the week.
  • the most creative personal project

These ideas aren’t great. Anybody done anything similar? I want to have a little healthy competition while encouraging increased use of Asana.

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That’s an awesome idea, @Brendan. When you mentioned competition, I immediately thought of Advanced Search – you could see how many Tasks a person completed in the last week, for example, or which person is following the most Tasks. Something that fits in with what you’re trying to encourage your team to do! Excited to hear other ideas, as well :slight_smile:


Very cool idea, @Brendan! I would shy away from giving people incentives to create superfluous tasks just to complete them, so maybe steer more towards a participation goal. For example, everyone who does certain things (like creating tasks, contributing to conversations, completing assigned tasks on time) within a week gets a point regardless of how much of it they do, and whoever has the most points after X weeks wins prizes. You should expect there to be a tie, and hopefully everyone ties for first! In other words, the competition should emphasize individual progress in using Asana rather than beating everyone else. You could also have some subjective bonus prizes as you mentioned. The prizes would have to be modest so as not to break the budget if everyone wins, but even $25 gift cards can be very meaningful. Maybe also have a team prize – if you get 100% participation everyone gets a pizza party or whatever your team likes. Good luck!