Creating a task that takes several days to finish and has a deadline


I’m a wedding photographer and I keep wanting something that I don’t know if it’s possible with Asana. The thing is that I have tasks that take several days to finish, right, like editing a wedding. But I have a deadline to do it.

Can I create a task and kind of making it last several days and has a deadline? Whenever I select a Due Date, the task moves immediately to that Due Date, but I need to focus on that task way before Due Date.

Does this make sense? I couldn’t find the answer anywhere I looked!

Can someone help me on this?



Welcome to the Forum @Claudia_Casal and thank you for reaching out! :wave:

If you have a Paid plan, you can use the start date feature to enter the day you need to start working on the task and use the due date to show when they are due. You can learn more in the following Guide article:

If you are using the free version, one workaround could be to use the due date as a start date and indicate the due date on the task title or description.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question! :slight_smile:

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And if you have Premium you’ll also have access to the Timeline, which will be great for you to plan events for example :slight_smile: