Creating a synced calendar with only my tasks and those which have certain tags


Our projects are for implementation of our large scale software solution to out customers. Asana is nice in keeping track of activity and setting deadlines etc.

I want to generate a calendar - but only with those tasks which are scheduled for certain types of event - basically anything that is scheduled for a specific day/time (eg a on site training course or a system setup day etc) .

I also want each member of the team to automatically have these tasks show in their main calendar (but not all tasks they are assigned as most are work they can plan themselves).

Similarly, I’d like the customer to be able to overlay a project calendar in outlook (or google I guess) which allows them to know when our consultants will be on site, or when to expect phone calls or online meetings etc.

I thought that tagging those tasks with Cal-OnSite, Cal-Telephone, Cal-OnlineMeeting etc would allow me to pick the tasks.

The main project calendar is no use, but I find that I can create a report which shows just these tasks for a project.

I can’t see though how I can then use this view as an individual or project calendar…

Any thoughts or solutions (add-ins or api based maybe ? )

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the Forum @Simon_Verona and thank you for reaching out!

The current workaround I can think of is to create a Project X and mutli-home these task (by multi-selecting them in the report created and add the them to this project in bulk). You can then use the calendar of this Project X to share it with the Team.

Would that help Simon?

so these items can appear in two projects at once ?

Correct @Simon_Verona ! A task can belong to up to 20 different projects at the same time. You can read more about it in the following guide article:

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!