Creating a sub project within a project

Is it possible to create a sub project within another project? If not, is this feature planned for the future?


With the risk of stating the obvious, I use sections to make “sub-projects”.
This may not be the answer you are looking for.

@Gerald_Thomas I would use a Portfolio for the Program and keep Projects for individual projects.

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Thanks for the reply Richard. I have done that in the past, and it does work to a point. The portfolio does nestle them together, but they still live as separate projects. What I would like is to have a sub-project as a line item, like a task in a project that when you open it up it has all the properties of a project. Why this is desirable; each one of my projects is already a portfolio that has multiple phases (projects within the portfolio) that have their own unique characteristics and as such, require their own workflow. Within each one of those project there are deliverables that dictate their own unique workflow. I could easily have 10-12 additional projects that would need to be created and included in the portfolio. Very messy and creates a very long list of projects.


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