Create workflows for mutliple forms in one project

Hi, i have a question about forms and workflows. I have three forms in one project, and I would like to associate a workflow based on which form is submitted to the project. I am only seeing a way to select if/then based on a form being submitted, but not with the ability to choose “if this form comes in do this” - is this possible to set up?

Hi @Stacy_Krugman ,

Welcome to the forum! Yes, this is possible. In the rule builder, there are 3 sections (L → R): Trigger(s), Condition(s), and Action(s). For your setup, you would probably want 3 rules: 1 for each form’s workflow (I personally do not use the “Workflow” tab on the project, I just use the customize menu since it’s easier for me).

Each of your 3 rules would have the trigger When a task is added to this project, the condition Task is added from form..., and whatever actions you want associated with that form (e.g., assign to someone, move to a section, set a custom field value, etc.).

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thank you this is working!

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Another option, I believe, would be to just make one rule with three alternate “if” conditions, which is a nice feature of the new rule builder.




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