Create tasks that have filterable custom fields and have URL link created by partial information sent from Form

I am in the process of creating a workflow for requests from internal stakeholders. I’d like to have tasks created where I am able to filter custom fields and a team member can click on a URL link created partly by information submitted by said stakeholder. Something like:

Task: This Product needs to be removed.

Product ID: 12345

Created URL[www. action my request. com/(PRODUCT ID)

So far, I have used Google Forms with Zapier to create tasks. This pulls all information needed - including URL creation, however, I am unable to filter custom fields that are pulled through.

I have also used Asana Form, really useful for gathering data, however, the issue then is that I can’t combine the data submitted to create a URL field in the created Task.

Is what I want possible? OR is it possible to concatenate part of an Asana form response with predetermined information to create URL link?