Create Tasks from Templates on Mobile app

Would be great to have the ability to create new tasks based on a project’s template(s) while using the mobile app. Every task we create in a project is based on finely-tuned and iterated templates.

Hi @Rubén_B, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

While it’s not currently possible to create tasks from templates on mobile, hopefully this is something our Product team can introduce in the near future :crossed_fingers:t2: I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

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@Rebecca_McGrath Thanks for your reply! :v:t4:

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Being unable to create tasks from templates is very limiting for my use case too.

Yes I create the majority of my projects when out in the field, so working on my mobile, and the inability to create projects from template is very frustrating. I have to then create a duplicate of the project from template when I get back to the office, and then transfer over all of the information etc. When will this feature be added please? Thank you