"Create task" greyed out, not able to add new tasks

Problems above. When I try to create a new task, the “Create task” button is greyed out. Have fill in task description, project, due date, assignee. Not had this issue before!

Tried in three different browsers on PC, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, all latest versions

Still works in Android app.

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@Sam_Cross, I believe you just need to type over the placeholder text that says “Task Name” and supply the task title there. It’s the only required field in the dialog; the rest are optional.



You’re right! Totally my own error, not sure why I filled in only the description and not name. Many thanks!


Case closed :-)!

You are probably not the only one though, the placeholder is not very clear…


Hi @Sam_Cross, welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for reporting this! As @lpb mentioned, you need to add a title in order to enable the “Create Task” button. I have passed your feedback regarding this function to our team. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

Have a great day! :sunny:


I have the same problem, and fillng in the title does not help. Also, when I add the team or description, the title disappears and I have to fill it in again.