Create subtasks from the My Tasks View.

Employees need to be able to manage their workload from the My Tasks view.

Often work can be assigned from management via email. It will be left up to the employee to enter it into Asana. Not ideal, but you may have worked at a firm where a founder doesn’t use computers, once upon a time. These sorts of things are a reality still today.

An employee managing his workload needs to be creating items within a ‘section’ as a subtask to a task. An example may be a draftsman is working mostly at the task and subtask levels where ‘sections’ are project phases, and work occurs within each phase, tracked by task and subtask.

An assignment like, add note ‘Y’ to page ‘99’, occurs as as subtask in the To Do subtask of a drafting section of a project.

These cannot be added directly to the task under which they belong from the My Tasks view.
Task is the lowest level of resolution any task-like item can be created from the My Tasks view.

This would leave you to create a task in the My Tasks view, then assign it a project, and a due date of it’s own then drag it to the task under which it belongs, using the right side panel.

This is many steps more than it should be.
If you could create a subtask from this view and the subtask inherited the properties of its parent task, it would be a one step operation.

Hi @Mark_Howson

  1. you can create subtasks in any task in your My Task
  2. From your My Tasks, click the down arrow next to the My Tasks and you will see where people can assign directly from an email address.

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 2.51.05 PM

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I guess the complaint was I cannot add a subtask.

The created task lands somewhere, I think, with the same settings as the last task created.
Then I have to do the left right pane shuffle to bounce subtasks around.

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