Create several tasks with the same subtasks



Hi there,

I am currently struggeling with the following issue:

I need to create a project with about 50-100 (or even more) tasks. All of them need to have the same subtasks and also have different information in the custom fields and a different task name. Copying the tasks, takes a lot of time and I would need to rename each task and add the info into the custom field.
However, when I use an excel to create those tasks at the same time, I have the name and custom field info, but need to add the subtasks.
Is there a more elegant way of handling this matter?


I might be able to help with Templana as we manage subtasks. If you create the correct JSON file (I would give the format) that would work. But we don’t support custom fields yet…
I don’t see any other solution… @Mark_Hudson any idea?

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This is a great question, and I agree with @Bastien_Siebman that there may not be a perfect elegant solution . The team is working on adding support for subtasks into the Importer, but I don’t have any concrete details on when this will be available.

In the meantime, you can try multi-selecting the subtasks you need to add (click the first subtask, hold shift and click the last one) and then use Cmd+C to copy them. Then you can use Cmd+P to paste them into each task in the project. This will copy and paste the names of the subtasks as a list into the tasks. It will still be a bit tedious, but it can save some time in not having to copy each subtask individually.


I’m afraid I can’t see any other way of managing the subtasks, other than the workaround @Kaitie suggested. Personally, I’d structure it as sections and tasks, rather than tasks and subtasks. It’d be much easier to import and to manage afterwards.

Good news that subtasks are going to be part of the importer, though!


Thanks guys! We’ll keep on copying and pasting now and be on the lookout for the update!


Well, copy and paste it is then. Nevertheless, I hope you add the subtasks soon anyway.
Changing the structure to sections and tasks does not help as we need to keep an overview and that would blow up the entire project.

But thanks for your suggestions and support!


You could write simple script using Asana API to do this. Or find someone, who could write the script for you :slight_smile:


Hi Andreyej,

sound interesting. Do you know someone who could help us?


@paulminors or @Bastien_Siebman could help you with anything Asana related.


@Katharina_Hutsteiner I am contacting you in private to discuss the need. Thanks @Todd_Heflin for the heads up! :slight_smile:


Hooray for subtask support!