Create Sections within Subtaks

Hi Marie, thanks for this :slight_smile: Good to have sections back, I’ve tested it out. It’s legit!

I managed to only create sections for Projects type List. How do I do the same in Projects board?

Hi @Marshal :wave:t3:

In Boards, Sections are still called “Column”; if you scroll toward the right of your screen, you should be find an option to “Add Column” (See screenshot below)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marie,

Thanks for the quick reply. I was actually referring to creating sections within task cards on a project board. I remember prior to this, I was able to create sections in task cards of project boards. Is the current implementation of the adding section not available inside project boards’ task cards?


No worries at all @Marshal,

I’ve gone ahead and moved your question to a brand new thread as it is slightly different from the other thread :slight_smile: From what I understand you’re referring to creating Sections within subtasks in Boards, am I correct?

I personally rarely build my project via the Mobile app so I can’t recall if this was possible in the past on Mobile, but let me check with the Team and come back to you on this one!

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Hi Marie,

Yes, you’re right. I am referring to creation Sections within subtasks in Boards. I used to be able to do this on the iOS app merely by using the colon (:slight_smile: symbol as well.

Thanks for your patience @Marshal :slight_smile:

The team has just come back to me here, and confirm they haven’t plans to build the new section model in subtasks just yet. But this is definitely something we will evaluate for a future update, so I’ve moved this post to the #mobile:androidios-feedback section to allow other users to vote for this too!

In the meantime, I would suggest using tasks with emojis in their titles to help organise your subtasks; I understand this workaround is not ideal, but it will hopefully help until our team comes up with a better built-in solution!

That’s great to know Marie. And certainly looking forward to this feature. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Marshal

Just to let you know you are able to create Sections within Subtasks by using the shortcut key TAB+N

PS ths is on the website version

Hi @Natalie4, thanks. I’ve been using Tab+N on the website. But need to be able to do the same on the iOS app. I recall being able to do that before, as I do a lot of task creations while commuting.

Don’t hold your breath. Getting the ability to add sections in iOS took way longer than it should have.

Was this ever added back? I’ve just returned to using Asana and I need to add Sections in sub tasks on my iPad Pro and can’t find it.

Apparently this hasn’t been discussed in a while. I’m trying to add Sections in Subtasks on my iPad Pro and can’t find the function. I’m trying to convince myself to return to Asana, but it may not be compatible with doing business on my iPad. Has this functionality been added? If so, how do I access it?

Welcome to the Forum @Terry_Stafford and thank you for reaching out!

As it stands, it is only possible to add sections within subtasks via the Asana web version.
Unfortunately I don’t have an update to share at the moment but I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I get any news regarding this topic!

Have a nice week Terry!

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