Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app

Slowly beginning to get peed off with asana. The tab N option on web is really not intuitive and they shouldn’t have changed this until they had a mobile option. I literally only use asana on my mobile so a big part of what makes it helpful has been gone for 5 months now… this plus the continuing lack of push notifications is starting to make this a game changer for whether I stay or start to set up on a different system now- sort it out asana you’re about lose loyal customers

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Exactly it’s not intuitive at all and there’s also no way to amend and change a task to a section now if you make a mistake

Hey @jasmine2, just a quick word to let you know our Guide article has been updated to reflect current state of Sections in Mobile:

Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever commented on something like this… CEO of fairly large company with big team that relies on Asana. I rock an ipad and this missing feature has ruined my asana experience… I feel for the product team and the CS rep dealing with this and other issues but not giving a realistic timeline on such a profound feature isn’t good business. Update please?


This still not working? The delay is simply unacceptable, sorry.

Guys, just please temporarily restore the code that reads a colon and makes a section. Definitely giving me pause as we were very close to subscribing to premium. Absolutely won’t until this fundamental feature is restored.

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