Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app

Slowly beginning to get peed off with asana. The tab N option on web is really not intuitive and they shouldn’t have changed this until they had a mobile option. I literally only use asana on my mobile so a big part of what makes it helpful has been gone for 5 months now… this plus the continuing lack of push notifications is starting to make this a game changer for whether I stay or start to set up on a different system now- sort it out asana you’re about lose loyal customers

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Exactly it’s not intuitive at all and there’s also no way to amend and change a task to a section now if you make a mistake

Hey @jasmine2, just a quick word to let you know our Guide article has been updated to reflect current state of Sections in Mobile:

Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever commented on something like this… CEO of fairly large company with big team that relies on Asana. I rock an ipad and this missing feature has ruined my asana experience… I feel for the product team and the CS rep dealing with this and other issues but not giving a realistic timeline on such a profound feature isn’t good business. Update please?


This still not working? The delay is simply unacceptable, sorry.

Guys, just please temporarily restore the code that reads a colon and makes a section. Definitely giving me pause as we were very close to subscribing to premium. Absolutely won’t until this fundamental feature is restored.

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Checking in, once again, on this.

6 months…no solution.

Have you all noticed the recent trends highlighting that people are using their devices more and not using their computers as much?

Apple just recently posted some interesting news about their iOS for iPads which they hope will be able to replace laptops for many users.

Maybe you can have your leaders in marketing and product development take a look at these trends and ask them the following question:

“How do you think people will feel about paying too much money per month for an apps that are devoid of functionality and render the project unusable?”

I think of you all every time Airtable reminds me that their Kanban and Gallery views don’t work on iOS (which is often). I’m like “wow…how nice of them to remind me frequently that I should spend time looking at competitors to get away from this deficiency in their own app. Love the honesty!”

In sadness…from a former Asana evangelist…

PS when your devoted evangelists are resorting to snark and satire and sadness in talking about your product…you are apple in the 1980’s being led by John Sculley. good luck it’s with that!


Came back after 3 years of ditching Asana hoping to find new functionality etc.

Only to find a simple and crucial feature such as creating sections on apps are not available.


This is ridiculous can no timeline be provided on when sections can be created on mobile?


It"s clear that this is not a technical issue. This is an internal decision. Still curious about what will happen in the near future.

Any update here with realistic date for a fix. I agree with the above - this is a very significant issue that is significantly hampering our ability to stick with commitment to Asana. Without this feature we can’t organize our lists easily. Help!

Would like to throw my hat in the ring here for the shared inconvenience this has caused in my usual use of Asana. Is there a chance for a timeline to be given on when the ability to create sections will arrive on the mobile version? Or could we get a clear answer on the feature not returning to mobile?


I really really REALLY hope Asana to be fully functional when iPad OS is released and the Safari desktop class browsing is available, as the current mobile app sucks, lacks SO many crucial things, one of those creating sections of course.

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+1 for mobile sections


For me the colon thing is working. Android app.

This is ridiculous. Can anyone recommend a decent Asana alternative which DOES allow organising tasks into sections on Mobile?!


I am also feeling frustrated by the inability to create section headings on iOS.


This is insane. HOW HARD IS IT TO ADD THIS BACK TO THE IOS APP? It’s a colon after a task. Look how many people are upset. Do you all even care about the subscribers who pay $30+ per month for your product. Come on guys! Be honest about why you won’t add this back on or just add it back temporarily until you finish whatever you’re working on. You’re upsetting SOOOOOO many people


Any response Asana Team?

Hi all and sincere apologies for the frustration here; as I’ve mentioned in a previous post on this thread, our team is deeply aware that missing Sections on mobile is a major issue for some of you heavily relying on Mobile.

We have temporarily removed the ability to create Sections in Mobile in order to carry some important updates o our Mobile app (ie: the ability to switch between Board and List Projects on Mobile - among other things); our team is working as hard as possible to complete these updates and will re-implement the ability to create Sections on Mobile as soon as possible.

While I don’t have a precise timeline to share just yet, I will make sure to update this thread as soon as I can! Again, we’re sorry for the trouble caused but rest ensured our team is sprinting to get this work done and give you back the ability to create Sections via mobile.

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