Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app

HI @Michael_Hyatt and apologies for the trouble here; the feature allowing you to add Section on iOS will be re-implemented as soon as possible (more info in this reply). If you’re looking to log into Asana from Safari, simply follow the steps in the article. Again, so sorry for the trouble, is there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!

Any update here? I noticed the app has been updated again and yet, this feature does not appear. This is a very basic function and critical function to have suddenly lost. Please make this a priority!

Hi @Eric_Cohen,

Apologies for the trouble here, rest ensured that we consider this as a priority! For more context on this issue, please have a look at this specific post. on my end, I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have an update. If you have any question in the meantime, please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to help!

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Any update on this?? Really frustrating that I can’t add sections on mobile app :sob:


Not just yet @Kelly_Wirht, due to technical reasons, we have to wait another while before fixing this bug (more info in this post). I’m keeping a very close eye on the situation and will keep you posted as soon as I have an update. Again so sorry for the trouble and thank you so much for your patience!

This is so frustrating! It makes sense that this was working and now suddenly is gone. Using the website from mobile devices is difficult as well. Please, bring this feature back!

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Still no word on this?

This feels like just another way Asana has moved from being a flexible, fluid experience for anyone trying to get things done quickly (read: freelancers and tiny businesses), to an unwieldy behemoth aimed at large organisations.

Making everything take longer and less flexible doesn’t really hurt a big company whose employees follow company process to use the app under strict rules on the company’s time etc etc. But to the average Joe, trying to use it quickly or on the go, it’s a headache. Asana used to actually help us a achieve a work life balance by being a quick way of getting thoughts out of your head, that could easily be organised later. Not any more.

This is just really really frustrating.


Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us and for your patience! We’re aware this is very difficult for you and rest ensured that our team is working hard on re-implementing this feature in mobile. Unfortunately I don’t have a precise date to share yet, but it will most likely take another few weeks before we’re able to re-introduce Section creation by mobile; I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as possible.

Again, rest ensured that we hear you and that we’re aware that for some of you creating Sections via mobile is an important part of your workflow; so on the behalf all our team, apologies for the inconvenience caused in the last few weeks; we’re doing all we can to get this fixed asap!

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I was an Asana evangelist until this whole change with the sections. This has made Asana harder to use on desktop and now impossible for many things I need on mobile! I know this feedback has been given to the product team… but I can’t tell you how frustrating this is. It’s been nearly two quarters and there is no fix yet!


I find it frustrating and odd that this has been an ongoing problem for months on end and yet ALL of the materials mislead users to believe they’re doing something wrong when they add a colon and no section is created. I’m new to the app so I’m on a learning curve but this is the only thing I actually had to look up, multiple times and was still stumped. Only now finding out why… This is NOT a feature, hasn’t been for quite some time, and not likely to be a feature anytime soon… So why is it still listed as a feature and included in all the “how to” materials as a such???
What a joke and major waste of time. A little asterisk or comment somewhere other than just here on this forum would have made all the difference in me questioning my sanity, and greatly reduced time spent looking for answers that weren’t there.

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Hi @jasmine2 and apologies for the inconvenience! I’ve gone ahead and made a note of your feedback for the Team handling our help Guide!


What would be useful aside from apologies is:

  • A realistic timeline for implementation (look at this thread to see how many empty promises you have made

  • A credible explanation as to what makes this so difficult. You already have the UI to turn a task into a milestone so, yeah, what is it that makes this “technically heard’?

(And please, let’s not hide behind the board/list conversion nonsense. It was obvious when you implemented boards in a desperate attempt to stay relevant that this would be a top request. So continuing to say that is the issue is disingenuous and probably not even true. That is a choice you are making not a reason why you can’t make the switch).

Asana remains, as of now, a barely usable web-app with a history of not empowering their customer support reps to do anything other than apologize for inexplicably bad decisions.



Hi. Poor Marie. This is absolutely ridiculous that we cannot add sections in the mobile app. Still. My first ever post and it’s about the fact that Marie has no control and is stuck with having to apologise whilst her product team need to get on with it - or Marie needs to just state ‘Guys, it ain’t happening.’

If this has been fixed and I am just not aware then pls accept my apologies in advance but I don’t think so.

Thanks Marie, how will I be notified when this update occurs? I like the old colon to create a section functionality; it was so intuitive. It’s a shame; hopefully the update makes Asana even better though.

This has been broken since the beginning of the year.

Any more updates or is it still going to be “a couple weeks” again?

Not anything against you Marie but someone messed up when they made this change before considering how it would affect the huge number of mobile users.

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I’m also anxiously awaiting this fix. This is unreasonably long to repair. ETA would be appreciated.




really wish asana didn’t change the sections I hate the tab -+ n on the web

It was so much easier to add a colon

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I agree… this broke in early January and it’s been about 4 months now and I am still unable to create sections on mobile.

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Asana come on how hard could this be? This is the only big flaw on the mobile app

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