Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app

This is insane. HOW HARD IS IT TO ADD THIS BACK TO THE IOS APP? It’s a colon after a task. Look how many people are upset. Do you all even care about the subscribers who pay $30+ per month for your product. Come on guys! Be honest about why you won’t add this back on or just add it back temporarily until you finish whatever you’re working on. You’re upsetting SOOOOOO many people


Any response Asana Team?

Hi all and sincere apologies for the frustration here; as I’ve mentioned in a previous post on this thread, our team is deeply aware that missing Sections on mobile is a major issue for some of you heavily relying on Mobile.

We have temporarily removed the ability to create Sections in Mobile in order to carry some important updates o our Mobile app (ie: the ability to switch between Board and List Projects on Mobile - among other things); our team is working as hard as possible to complete these updates and will re-implement the ability to create Sections on Mobile as soon as possible.

While I don’t have a precise timeline to share just yet, I will make sure to update this thread as soon as I can! Again, we’re sorry for the trouble caused but rest ensured our team is sprinting to get this work done and give you back the ability to create Sections via mobile.

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This is not inconvenient. It is crippling. You all call it “mobile” as if it was a casual thing we all did while on the move.

Well our mobile use case, is iPad Pros that we use in meetings to not have to bring laptops. However, we now have to bring laptops cause you all are screwing around with a feature that you should have implemented at the outset (board convert to lists).

You rolled out the board feature because you were getting creamed in comparisons with Trello and friends…and have since spent a half year telling us to be okay paying more for less.

Again…your team may be “deeply aware” but the lack of a timeline tell us they are also given “zero care” to the issue.

Please don’t call it Sprinting when its more like moving around at a glacial pace.

And, Marie, I appreciate that you are just the messenger. I am sorry to be venting here in response to your reply. If your team is really concerned, maybe they could show up here and give a semi-reasonable explanation as to what makes this so hard? Cause there are a lot of people on this forum who are developers and are raising eyebrows at the answers being provided.

At this stage, we are actively looking for replacements to Asana. This thread may be reason #1

In sadness,
A former Asana evangelist looking for a new home.

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Hi everyone and thanks for your patience! I have some great news to share with you today:

Sections are finally back in iOS :slight_smile: All you need to do is update your Asana app to the latest version (7.16) and you will get the “add section” button in an overflow menu in projects (See screenshot below)

Our team is still working on re-adding the ability to create sections to the Android version, and I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end! Thanks for all your patience and understanding so far, we really appreciate it!


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Hi folks!

Thanks again for you patience! I’m happy to announce that we pushed a new update, reintroducing Sections in our Android app, which makes sections available again in both app! Please note the new push is currently available in beta and will become available to all users on August 7, so don’t worry if you don’t have it just yet!

Thanks again for your patience through the last few months, we really appreciate it :heart:

Marking this :white_check_mark:


Hi @Marie will this be a staged rollout or should it be available with the next App update? I have just update with the latest App install and it didn’t seem to be present.


Hi @Jason_Woods, I believe this is now available but I’m double-checking with the team. In the meantime can you confirm what OS and version of the Asana App you’re running?


Hi @Marie

Android and app version is 6.27.6


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Apologies for the delay in getting back to you @Jason_Woods! The new version is currently available in beta and should be available to all users on August 7. So sorry for the confusion, I’ve updated the post above with the correct dates.


No worries @Marie will look forward to getting the update next week.


Missing Section button on:

  • My task
  • Subtask

Hi, is this feature already out? If so how do we create a new section???

Hi @Jay12. Check that you have the latest Asana App mine is 6.28.5 release date of 7th August.

Then when in a project you will see the 3 vertical dots on the right hand side and there is your Add Section command.


Thank you @Jason_Woods, mine is version 7.17.1 released 1w a go and does not have the “Add a Section” option :man_shrugging:t4:

@Marie still not working in tasks though :confused:

Hi @Jay12 is that Android or iOs?


HI @Jay12

Based on Marie Screenshot in the below link.

Can you not see that on your App?