Create Rules for Form Submissions

Asana Forms have been a great tool for us for fielding IT helpdesk requests. It would be great if in addition to creating rules from triggers and actions related to Tasks and Subtasks, we could create rules based on form fields.


  1. Send a task to a specific section based on a single-choice option in the form (e.g. someone selects “Repair request” from a drop-down menu in the form and the task generated from the form goes directly to the Repairs section within the project)

  2. Automatically assign the requester as a collaborator if there is an option in the form to enter their email address – could also be an opt-in for requesters

Hey @anon21234191, this should work though if the fields used in the form are connected to the custom field in the project. So for example if the form has a field to select the priority and then somebody selects „high“ you could set up a rule that triggers based on that.

Regarding this I recommend upvoting the existing feedback request thread: Automatically assign tasks created via forms to submittor



As @Andrea_Mayer has stated, you can create a rule in your project to move form submissions to the correct section using the selected option in the form dropdown field. This works when you map to a custom field in the project, instructions on how to do that can be found here.

As for your second request there is a setting in your form that will allow all form submitters to be added as a collaborator to a task, which you can find instructions for here. This does require the form submitter to be part of your organization and logged into Asana.