Create Rule via API

The Asana webhook and API allow for significant capabilities to be generated. We actively add capability to improve our usage of the tool via AWS Lambda functions ranging from adding ID fields that are used to reference in GitHub to monitoring created tasks for compliance.

We can’t seem to find a way to list existing rules on projects, create new rules for projects, or attach existing rules to a section or project. The use case we have is after Sprint Planning we create a rule to add a attribute “unplanned” to any work added to our Sprint project to track that. We have other use cases (we keep projects “clean” by moving completed tasks to a “Done” section on completion - or complementarily marking them complete when moved to “Done”). If somebody adds a section to the project created via template, the rule does not get auto-added. A rule to add a rule on section creation would be useful (or we could do it via webhook if made available).

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Hi @Adam_Markham and welcome to the forum,

Your observations are correct; the Asana API does not currently include any functionality regarding rules.

Note: normally for anything API-related, we move it to the #forum-en:api forum area. However, that area does not allow for voting, and this is something that developers might want to vote for, so I’m going to ask the moderators. What do you think, @Forum-team @sasha_f - should this go to the API section or stay here for voting?