Create project at portfolio level using a template

I am struggling to find efficiencies with the Portfolio section. I thought I had found a solution in the “create new project” option in the “Add Project” drop down on the Portfolio level, however, when you go this route there’s no option to apply a template to the new project being created. I don’t really want to trade off manually adding each project to a portfolio with manually rebuilding all my custom fields, all my rules, and all my default tasks each time, either.

Can we add this to the “Create Project” screen of the Portfolio? If we’re not allowing projects to be assigned to a Portfolio on the project level then this seems an easy alternative.

Thanks for your feedback @Leslie_Irvine1! This is a great idea! We also have this request: Add a project to a portfolio, while I’m in the project itself in case you are interested to upvote! I’ll make sure to update this thread if I have news about this feature.

Yep, I had previously upvoted that feature as well.

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