Create new section with colon

In my opinion the new way to create sections (tab+n) has a couple of issues:

  • if you want to start with a section as a subtask, you have to create a task first and then move/delete the task
  • it is not easily possible to convert a task into a section and vice versa (for example by selecting it and pressing the Tab+N)
  • it is not possible to create a section above a task (for example by having your cursor left of the text as it works with creating a task above)
    –> it needs more clicks and is less intuitive. this was one of the things we liked most about asana, creating tasks an sections is extremely easy and well thought through.

Sorry for my bad english, hope you still get the point i’m trying to make.

for me and my team, as we create many checklists in asana, the workflow was much better with the old way of creating sections. would it be possible to have both options or make it possible to activate colon as section indicator?

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