Create multiple tasks



Hello to the community,

Awesome tool, we use it for project management & campaign tracking and has helped a lot.

We are an online publishing platform and we offer advertising solutions to many companies.

We need to create multiple tasks on a specific day every week and we were wondering if there is a way/hack that would help?


Task 1: [FREE SLOT] Exclusive Newsletter January 18, 2018

Task 2: [FREE SLOT] Exclusive Newsletter January 25, 2018

…and goes on.

Any ideas on how we can create multiple tasks every week on a specific day for unlimited time?



Hi @Phillip_Koletsis -
Would creating recurring tasks do the trick? You can create tasks to recur every X days or every day of the week. Once you check off the current instance, you’ll see the next up task appear.
Here’s more info on this feature - or repeating tasks


Maybe you can also build something using Zapier…


Thank you all for your prompt reply!

Repeating tasks don’t do the work, I need to create multiple entries with one action.

Also tried to find out a way with Zapier, but it seems there is no Zap for that purpose.



Zapier can definitely create tasks, but you need to find a trigger based on the date of the week-, isn’t it?