Create links to networked areas in your tasks? Possible?

Is there a way to create links to networked areas in your tasks?
I know you can upload files but (I think) these would not be dynamic links if the files are changed.


There was a similar topic here:

… but there was no conclusion about that.

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Hi George :wave:,

Do you use OneDrive or Sharepoint? Since there is currently an issue with uploading files in task with OneDrive we are using a Sharepoint link in the task description to point to files. It’s worked pretty well for us. I would love for the OneDrive connection to work, but this way we are pointing to a ‘live’ document, one that we know is the most current. If you are using Sharepoint you can access a shareable link that can be copied and pasted in the task.


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Hi Katie,

My company has a lot of files that we would not like to keep out of the company for various reasons.
So OneDrive is not an option for us. Sharepoint is also not an option.
What I would like to do is to put live links to files in our network without having to upload them in ASANA.

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Hi George,

Thanks for the clarification. There would need to be an integration between Asana and the location where you store your files. Honestly, your best bet is actually Sharepoint. That would allow you to have links to the location of your files, but it would be behind a permission based login so only those within the company would have access to them.