'Create Link' not showing up on our Premium Account

Hi there -

I added to the forum a few weeks ago looking to create a PDF of the timeline for external, client facing calls. I received a response from the Asana team about a “new feature” called Create a Link. It is not showing up on our account, regardless of upgrading to a business premium.

I am getting more frustrated that I can’t just speak with someone directly via a chat or an easy way to communicate besides posting to forums that I can’t ‘reply’ to anyone once I post.

Really wish there was an easier way to just export a pdf / jpg/ some form of the timeline to share with clients - this is now week three we just have to show them our schedule on our web app. Please help!



This feature is being rolled out to everyone, I don’t have it either, and some do…

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Hi @Madison_W, thanks for providing this feedback!

As mentioned on the main post, this feature has been rolled out to 50% of users at this time.

Keep an eye on the main thread to stay in the loop and find out when it has rolled out to 100% :slight_smile: