Create knowledge base


Can I build a knowledge base through asana?


You can try creating Knowledgebase project, then create the knowledgebase sections and place individual articles as tasks. Task title would be article title, task description would be knowledgebase article content. Asana search make these articles accessible to everyone having access to content. You can mark task as “DONE” in case that article becomes invalid (not relevant anymore).

Will that work?


I’ll see this next week and see if it’s livable. Thank you.

Because I want it as if it were the kind of site for any collaborating company to access. No need to simply log into the tool.


Asana does not have read-only access yet. Thus if you’d like to be sure that your customer won’t be able to mess with your KB, you’d need to publish/export or even sync (if necessary) content to some external system.


Thanks for the feedback one more time!


To fill the read-only gap, there is tool that is converting any Asana project into public webpage. Asana plays role of CMS after that, and is publishing tool.

There is Wordpress integration available additionally it is possible to integrate via cURL with help of developers.

See announcement of the tool by @Bastien_Siebman at Turn any Asana project into a webpage: interesting?