Create formula-based rules - just like with excel formulas!

At the moment there aren’t any changes for this planned in the near term by Asana, so I figured we could take it to the community and gather some feedback and votes on the topic, let us know your thoughts and also if you have any loopholes with current Asana rules I am all ears! I was wondering if there is a feature similar to excel formulas where you can create templates in asana that have formula-based rules for example: a graphic should be approved 12 weeks before it’s on-counter date for retailers, and it’s always 12 weeks from the on counter date, is there a way to program this recurring task/auto populate the due date for artwork if you put in the on counter date? thanks, asana community, I appreciate any and all advice!


It would be helpful if formula fields were available to use in rules as triggers and if conditions.

For example, we have a project that tracks tickets submitted via form as tasks. I created a “Days Since Request” formula field that calculates the number of days since the task was submitted. I would like to create a rule that adds an “Assign to provider” subtask if the value of “Days Since Request” is greater than 1 and the task is still in a particular section.

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This would be a great addition - has there been any update of potential releases for this? We are using a new methodology that would add different values to calculate the priority but then there is no way to add further rules from that formula field to finalise the priority assessment.

Hi! This would be an awesome addition to Asana! Or it would be helpful if we could compare two dates by rules instead of “if due date is before solid date
Thank you!

This would be huge for us in triaging rush requests - being able to calculate the difference between a requested due date an a due date set by an SLA, then running a rule against that calculation to trigger a rush request process would be AMAZING. Right now, we have to do this manually and it can be a pain.