Create follow-up tasks as sub-tasks, not as isolated tasks


I would like to suggest that task created by the “Create follow-up task” feature were created as a sub-task.

It seems a little odd that a totally isolated task is created, with just the URL of the parent task. It would help if, by standard, it was at least in the same project.

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I don’t know if you’ll like this idea or not, but I created a personal project called “Follow-up” that I add all my follow-up tasks to. I wrote it up awhile ago with more details here:

The reason I’m not sold on the idea of follow-up tasks being subtasks is the implication that subtasks are subitems that are required for the parent tasks to be considered complete. Admittedly this is my viewpoint and people are free to use sub-tasks however they like, but I still feel like that’s an argument for why Asana wouldn’t automatically make them a subtask and it would actually cause issues for the way I use them. Is it difficult to make them subtasks after the fact? I might be able to offer advice for that as well.


Hi Ryan,

Your argument makes total sense. In my case, I use a lot of follow mainly in tasks regarding clients, so it’s good to have them as sub-tasks so it’s easier to track them later. However, I understand it’s not something that should by applied to every case.


Here is another alternative "Create follow-up Task" should link as dependent task

When you Create follow-up Task it is often that you need someone else’s action so you can continue.

So why not automatically set (or prompt) to make the current task dependent on the followed-up?



Great idea @Juan_Diego! It would be helpful to show that the tasks is blocked, waiting for action regarding another person