create due dates based on a dependent task

I am trying to find a way to auto-populate due dates based on a dependent start date. I was able to do this with the Flosana integration, but I want to see if this is available to do without a paid integration option as this will add up the more projects we do. With Flosana I am able to create a lag time of 1 day, -7days and it will readjust as I change the dependent date. This is great to eliminate the need to manually enter due dates for 80 tasks.


Welcome to the Forum @Marissa_Thompson and thank you for reaching out!

You could schedule project dates using the Custom Templates feature. To learn more about this feature, please have a look at the following Guide article:

You might also be interested in the following feature: Auto-shifting dates for dependent tasks

I hope this helps Marissa but please let me know if you have any further question! I’ll be more than happy to help!