Create an individual task to all members of a team that says the same thing

When I need multiple people in my organization to complete the exact same task, I would like to do so with the click of a button.

I would love to be able to have one task (or template) created and to be able to assign it to all members of a particular team where they would receive an assigned task individually with the assigned due date that says the same thing to everyone on that team.

For example, each January our team must complete their OSHA recertification. I should be able to have a template that says “Complete 2022 OSHA Recertification”. I would love to be able to select that task and to then have the option to select “assign this task to each member of the team” and to be able to also select if I would like to assign the same due date.

I understand that in order to keep individuals accountable for their own tasks that each task can be assigned to only one individual. Fine. Great. No problem. Just give us the ability to assign the same task to multiple people individually easier…duplicating the task and assigning the task manually when I have 50 employees is very time consuming.

Hi @Dixie_Robinson

You can quickly create tasks for each assignee but using the Assign Duplicate Tasks feature.


@Getz_Pro Wow! FOUND IT! You just changed my life! haha! Thank you!


You are welcome!

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Getz to the rescue! Feels so good to help on the forum when the exact feature you expect actually exists :heart:


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