Create an event calendar, import from Merlin

We currently plan out weekend- and week-long events in Merlin Project. By plan, I mean we put in all the dates for each one, sometimes years in advance, to make sure we have no conflicts and can have resources we need available. It’s a relatively simple process, but we run our whole business on this plan. I would like to simplify our efforts and apps ecosystem. I would like to just create and/or view this in Asana, but I can’t find a template for this – event planning is steps towards an event; what I really need is event scheduling I think.

We need to be able to have different categories of events (e.g., Weekend Workshops, Conferences, 9-Day Training Courses, etc.), ideally with subcategories (e.g., Class of 2021) that can contain a list of events (e.g., all the 9-day training module events for Class of 2021).

The events need to at least have start and end dates, but other details such as users involved, etc. would be nice. We’d like to be able to enter the events and their dates, in their categories; and then see them on a calendar. It would be great to be able to export them, and even better it would be great to be able to import all our past events from Merlin Project, which exports things in Calendar format.