Create action as a function of a project field and not a specific value

Is there a simple way to construct rules that are functions of fields and not specific values?


I have 7 people that have the ability to open a new task via a form and their user is captured in the “Requestor” field. In my workflow I want to trigger a review of a deliverable by the original requestor after the work is initially done.

Currently I am using a lot of duplicate rules where i need to prebuild for each possible requestor a rule that

  1. checks if Requestor changed to validate which name is being used
  2. if it is that name then run an action that assigns an approval subtask to that user.

This is not replicable or scalable and wastes rules which are limited (50) to a project.

A different option or enhancment would be to be able to run an action as a function of a field in the project.


Assign an approval subtask to the value in the Requestor field

This is generalizable and scalable and would bring down the unneeded usage of duplicate rules in the platform.


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@Phil_Seeman can Flowsana help with this?

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Ah, perfect timing! I’ve been meaning to add this functionality to Flowsana forever, and finally am getting around to it.

It should be available next Monday; I’ll post an update here at that point.


How is this issue resolved before the solution has been rolled out?

FYI this capability is now available in our Flowsana integration.

You can now build a rule trigger condition “If the task is assigned to X” where X is the value in a specified custom field containing a user name (it can be either a dropdown list or text custom field).

And you can build a rule action “Then assign the task to X” where X is the value in a specified custom field, again containing a user name (and again, can be a dropdown list or text field).

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Very cool! Thanks :pray:

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