Create a Task Template



We use the board function like a task queue for our designer, so as a new design project is started, we add it as a task within her queue. There should be a way to save a “task template” so when we launch a new task, we can apply that task template with the pre-set design structure ready to be filled out. It could pre-set in the description field of the task.

As we do it now, we have to save our “template” in the conversations tab and copy/paste it into the description window of each new task we assign our designer.


Hi @Stephen_Freeman We don’t use the board function, but as a list we have a single Task set aside as a Template with instructions on how to use it for a New Request (first image). I noticed on the Board option, you can go into a task and Duplicate Project (second image). Is this kind of what you are looking for?