Create a task for someone else by email


Good Afternoon,

I’ve just been reading up on how to add a task to MYTASK by email x@ etc.

Is it possible to email and have a task created and assigned to someone else or do you have to create it into your own task list and then reassign?


I don’t know of a way to do this…

So you’re aware, you can also add tasks to projects by emailing a task to the project email address (you can find this address in the project settings). It’s not specifically want you want, but can be useful.


There is a new app called Sendana developed by @James_Carl you can use with outlook that can do this. With the latest version you can set up the task, allocate it, add a due date and even send over attachments. Well worth a look. @Todd_Cavanaugh has also posted about it


You could use Onboardify to do this. I’ve been using them for over a year now. It allows us to sync tasks to Gmail/G Suite or Outlook/Office365 and Asana. So new emails from clients get pushed to Asana as tasks, and our comments on those tasks get emailed back to the client from our G Suite accounts. So we get to work in Asana, but clients don’t have to know anything about it.

There have been some rough times as their service has matured. But it’s really getting quite good now, where we rarely have any problems. And they’re about to release a major update that should make everything way more reliable and fast. Check them out:


Ah OK, that sounds interesting. So ALL emails (we use G Suite) get synced to Asana in this method or just the ones with a certain tag?

I’ve looked at the webpage, looks interesting. Not sure I could justify paying just for creating tasks by email though… Wrike have a great Gmail widget, not sure why Asana haven’t.


OK great! Unfortunately I don’t use Outlook and not sure I could ever be convinced to go back to it!


Think you just email the Asana project, put the email of the Assignee in the To: field and any followers you want in the CC: field. Fairly certain this will work for you!


Shame. Though I know what you mean, there was a period of about 2 years I didn’t use it, tried other options but then came back last year. Have you explored options with Zapier? May be something there. Good luck finding a solution :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the email of Asana does not have due date or Sections. Sendana has all and combines Conversations. All are looked up by the app versus remembering long Project and Conversation ID’s.


Not all emails. Just ones, or domains you designate. So we have workspaces for all our clients, which means that if they email us, or we email them, an Asana task is created and we can continue the conversation entirely in Asana. To reply, we just comment on the task in Asana. But for our clients, it’s entirely in email, where they’re comfortable. Currently there’s no way to create a task in Asana and then have it emailed to the client, but once you email the client (or whoever, for us it’s clients) a task is created, and entirely synced from there.

So if a client emails us, it shows up in Asana automatically and we never have to do anything in email. If we want to start the conversation, then we have to email from G Suite, but after the initial email, everything is in Asana, on our end.

I hope that clears things up some? Basically, Onboardify is the go-between for Asana and G Suite Gmail. It syncs things between the 2 so that we work in Asana, while our clients get emails.


That doesn’t quite sound correct to me. If you create a task and add the client as a follower or assignee, they would receive an email about it. And if you commented on a task, they would certainly see that information and be able to respond via email.


Yes, that’s true if you add them in Asana. I’m talking about having Onboardify syncing email and Asana. In this case the client has ZERO interactions with Asana. You don’t add them in Asana because then they would have to learn Asana. Most of my clients are lucky to feel comfortable with email, so having them do a new app is out of the question. We actually tried what you say for a while, explaining they should just ignore anything that Asana says about signing up or logging in, and reply to the emails as needed. It caused lots of confusion and issues.

Onboardify removes all that. When a client emails me, a task is created in Asana. I comment to reply, but my client doesn’t see that. All they see is an email from me. Because Onboardify takes my Asana comment and emails it from my G Suite email as a reply to their initial email. For them it seems like I’m just using email. But I get to work in Asana. Onboardify is the glue that connects the 2 so that my team and I can work in Asana, but our clients can work in email, where they’re most comfortable.

So that quote means that we can add a client to a conversation, but we have to do it in Onboardify, or in our Gmail/G Suite, by copying them on a reply. We can’t add an Onboardify-synced client in Asana, is what I was saying. I have discussed this with them, and they may add it through a Chrome extension, where we’d be able to add clients to a task, similarly to how Asana does it, but it would actually just add them to the email replies.


Thanks for reaching out, @john.macpherson!

In order to email a task to Asana and have it assigned to another user, please follow the steps below:

  1. Add the Project’s email address in the “To” field of the email:

  2. Add the user’s Asana email address as an additional email address in the “To” field.

You can find more details here:

I hope this helps!


@Tevya There is a feature request for this, maybe it’s helpful if you like it? Tasks: include external participants via email

Onboardify seems to be a solid workaround, but i hope asana will close this gap soon.