Create a shared Todo product for small bus. and depts around ASANA. support offline use also.

Please pass these suggestions to your Product manager or team (it’s a marketing product issue). or VP of marketing. I was a long-time software product manager years ago. I love asana. Found it early on and have used it since.

I don’t have my staff use it currently, a bit too expensive for every user for what we need. To me it’s a great well organized TOdo list and tracking list. I’d gladly pay for its use but you give it for free. I don’t need or use project management for my small business. I do need a SHARED todo list for my staff (and even outside contractors. I do without it since it’s hard to share privately without your paid version.

I personally just looked at all the todo list products. The best one is probably TODOist. I think you could produce a shared TODO business product which is focused on that market, for smaller business or businesses who don’t use project management, but want simple lists they can prioritize and keep track of. Asana’s ability to assign an item to multiple projects (really categories or keywords) is superb. Any item can show up on my several categories which I find helpful (example, show up as a high priority but also on my tech list). To do users don’t realize how much an advantage that is.

The business todo list version - at $4 or $5 a month I think would be a block buster. But maybe not - it’s all a marketing thing.

If I can assign to do items to 5 different people, but not have any of them see the others items unless I allow it, that would be IDEAL for many managers or groups. Certainly for me. A free 60 day trial could cement the deal for many users. You would have to create a simple tutorial or “walk thru” of how to set it up. (I think it’s easy, sometimes new users dont).

Also, OFFLINE support is limited. CURRENT PROBLEM with the IPHONE version of Asana. I have reported it. If I’m offline (which does occur for me) lists on the iphone asana app of tasks and projects often don’t show up. There is often nothing showing up. It doesn’t show you the last version of the items that you had. It can just be blank. I have to link up to Wi-Fi and or cellular and get an update before I can enter an item or look through my lists. You don’t have an offline option that works consistently (I’ve tested carefully) for airplane mode or out of range. So it’s simply not useable offline. It requires an update by reconnecting. OFFLINE - Todoist and other todo lists can be completely standalone offline and update the cloud version later when reconnected. That may not be a big issue for most people but it is for me. I’m glad to discuss any features or discussion of the GROUP TODO list - Asana style if you decide to pursue it. . I’ve thought about it for years, finally letting you know