Create a calendar that shows only milestones, from all projects, and can be exported to a Google calendar

We are using Asana to manage multiple projects. Our goal is to create an external Google calendar for our top level stakeholders, who want to see milestones from all projects, and nothing other than milestones. They prefer to see this in a google calendar, rather than in Asana.

Is there a way for me to do this?

I know that I can create this calendar view within Asana, by doing an advanced search. I would filter to show all milestones, view it in calendar format, and save this search in the reports section of the left sidebar. But I wonder: could this be integrated with a Google calendar that would not pick up the tasks in the projects too?

Another thought is to create a “Master Project”, and assign all milestones from every other project (and only milestones) to this master project, and then integrate that master project’s calendar to the Google calendar. It’s a little klunky having to assign all milestones to that master project and we are looking for a more elegant solution.

I am interested to know if anyone out there has a better solution for us. Thank you in advance.

I haven’t thought these all the way through, but you could perhaps pursue one of these:

  1. You can sync your advanced search results to google sheets (see BUG? Export > Sync tasks to Google Sheets) which is quite powerful. But that will put your output in google sheets, not google calendar. Maybe you could make that work, or use a a google feature or a tool like to sync that with google calendar.

  2. Maybe it’s possible to use a tool like more directly than above, possibly, to use triggers in Asana (not google sheets as above) for new/updated milestones and update the google calendar (if possible).

Hope one of those might help,


What do you mean by that?


I mean that I want the integrated google calendar to only pick up the milestones, and not the tasks in the projects. Could we create a way to show only the milestones (which have been filtered in the advanced search) in a google calendar? There would be 10 regular projects that contain lots of tasks and milestones, and we want only the milestones (no tasks) to show in the google calendar.

Oh I understand. I was sure you could import a report calendar into Google Calendar but looks like you can’t… Your only chance: multi-home the milestones into another project and export that project calendar…

Ok I understand. Thank you so much!