Count subtasks in sidebar

When tasks are shift-selected in the main list view, Asana counts them for you and presents a little pop-up telling you how many you have selected.

It would be nice if this worked for subtasks as well in the sidebar.

I realize that you can shift-select and auto-count those subtasks in the main list view of a project board, but I am looking to have two separate views between main list and task sidebar.

I.E., main list is for incomplete tasks/subtasks, while sidebar is for all subtasks.

I use this to count total number of subtasks and would like to do so without showing EVERY task ever in the main view.

Another way to give us more flexibility in the main view, would be to allow for the Due Date custom filter in global view sorting to be more than just a dropdown of options. It would be helpful if you could type in a specific date, or even better an entire range, like “June” instead of just “Next 14 days.”