Count re-opened bugs


I want to make a bot that will calculate number of re-opened tasks per week. Re-opened means that the status of the task was changed from “In Testing” to “Re-opened”. How would you do that? I tried to play around with stories API but did not figure out if its possible to do that.

Thank you!

Hi @Pavel_Kozlov and welcome to the forum!

You’re correct that stories do contain information about changes to custom fields.

However, rather than trying to use the stories API endpoints in themselves to achieve your goal, you’re probably better off using Events. A change event on a task will tell you the old and new values of the custom field that changed, so that should give you the exact information you need.

Take a look at the API docs here:

and here:

You’ll probably have follow-up questions; feel free to ask them!

Thanks @Phil_Seeman will give it a try!

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