Count number of tasks moved between two projects



Do somebody know if there is possible to count how many tasks moved from one project to another?

Either by integration or by custom API?


Hey @Bastien_Siebman any idea?


If you setup a code that either checks on a regular basis or add webhooks on projects, you can basically do this. But that seems a lot of work for a small gain :thinking: Can you tell us about why you would need this? Maybe we can find a clever workaround!


Hi again. Thats a good idea @Bastien_Siebman.
This is the scenario:
We have incoming requests (200-400 daily requests) form our website going into asana as tasks. Which means we have different teams for different projects. The projects works as a handover, where a request gets into project 1, then team 1 checks the request and decides which team will handle this request.
Either team 2 on project 2(sales), or team 3 on project 3(marketing).

I want to count how many requests team 1 can move during for instance one day. Does this still sound like a webhook?


You could store somewhere the list of tasks coming in the main project (using a webhook on project), and then follow where they went (using a webhook on tasks)…