Cost of Pro for Small Businesses

The cost of Pro is too high for small businesses. For example, we have 8 part-time employees, 6 of which use asana, but it’s way too costly for us to go pro given some of our staff are only working one day a week. Even if they were full-time, small businesses that would otherwise be paying members will find the current cost well above what they can afford given all the other fixed costs. I would suggest that the sweet spot is closer to $5/month (similar to Gsuite) per person, or just have a flat rate for small businesses up to a certain number of seats.


The cost of the Business plan is in direct relation to the benefits you get and the ongoing development. Business if feature rich for companies needing high-level of automation, tracking and reporting. I rather not sacrifice these features or new features. Although we all want cheaper, I don’t want a cheaper project.

If you don’t need all of these features, perhaps the Premium version is all you need.


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