Copying tasks to a different project without the tasks being linked to the originals



There are tasks in my Employee Onboarding project that I want to copy to my Contractor Onboarding project, and then manipulate them separate from the original tasks. When I copied the tasks from the Employee project to the Contractor project, they remained linked so all changes made were synced. Is there a way to copy tasks to a new project without those tasks maintaining links to the originals?



Have you tried with “Duplicate task”?
You open the task you would like to copy, and click on the 3 dots at the top, then “Duplicate task”.



Hi @Julien_RENAUD yes I did use that technique however it only allows me to duplicate 1 task at a time. It was definitely time consuming so was hoping for a hack that allowed me to either duplicate multiple tasks at a time or to copy tasks to a project without the link. Thx for the feedback though!