Copying tasks and all associated files



I am looking for tips on how to copy a task with all of its associated files and conversations into a template we have created. A copied task contains all information and files, but I cannot see a way to copy this full task copy into another project template. Any tips?


Great question, @Jerry_Wright. Would it work to simply add the copied task into the template project? You can do this by using the keyboard shortcut “tab + P” or the “Add Project” icon and then adding it to the project by name. You can see more information on this here:

Tasks can live in multiple projects like this to reduce the need to duplicate the task for each project it is associated with. Let me know if this works.


I found my own answer after I stopped trying to make it so complicated. We had set a project for “Possible Projects” and had added a task for each potential client with notes, contact info, and associated files. We already have a TEMPLATE for New Projects. Make a copy of the template then… simply drag the task from “Possible Projects” to the copy of the TEMPLATE on the left side project menu. The task is now contained as the first task in the copy of the TEMPLATE project.
If you need to reinstate the task in the previous project, simply drag it back to the previous project.