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We manage tours and use a task for each client then have a number of sub-tasks to take them through from the quote stage to a completed trip. When we add a sub-task we would sometimes like to copy this task into other main tasks - how can we do this?

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Hi @Charlotte_Goodman, you could multihome your subtasks into a second project. When you do, your subtask will initially appear in the task list of your second project, so you will need to use the drag and drop feature to make it a subtask in this second project!



Hi Marie,

Thank you for the thought but we use Asana in a much more complex way, one task is a client, inside that task are what we call our sub-task folders, then there are the sub-tasks within each folder, this allows sales and operations to work together on a client’s job. In the meantime I’ve realised that I can duplicate the task then move it so I think that will work for now. :blush:

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Charlotte Goodman

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