Copying same task multiple times



Cannot remember if I asked this before, but this is a feature I would really like it to exist. I have the same task in the same project that I want to assign to one person 10 times. Why? because each one has a different custom field that they fill. but the task itself is the same description.
Currently, I can assign the same task for multiple users but not for one user 10 times (including myself). any thoughts?


Hi @RashadIssa. I’m slightly puzzled about this one. Do you have 10 different tasks that you want to assign to the same person, or is it 1 task that you want to repeatedly reassign?

Sorry if I’m a bit slow in getting this!


LOL @Mark_Hudson well I certainly did not mean to puzzle you! Here is the process I have. I conduct Governance Meetings once a month with 12 different stakeholders. I have a project that tracks the outcome of these meetings, the time we invested in them and the attendees. All of the data is set up as custom fields. So for ease of use, I have one task that says - Governance Meeting that I need assigned to myself 12 times. Each one will have a different due date, and a different process owner. The project is set to the view of custom field - Month completed. That is why I want to be able to create the same task 12 times in one go. Does that make sense? And by all means, I do welcome other efficient ways if you have!


Sorry, @RashadIssa, I’m still struggling to picture what you’ve described! :confused: I have a vague idea that the answer might lie in recurring tasks or subtasks, but I’m not sure.

Would you be able to post some screenshots?


Let me try again… here is a screen shot. I want to copy this task 12 times. Each time, the fields below will be diffierent and the due date will be different. But for the month of July, I want all 12 tasks to be assigned to me. For the month of August, I want to assign all 12 tasks to whoever is leading that meeting. The task name is constant, the assignee is constant per one month, the due date and the custom fields below vary… Sorry I didnt mean to trouble you with this! :slight_smile: I appreciate your willingness to help.


Okay, I think a :bulb: just appeared over my head and I understand what you’re asking now. When you say that each time the fields will be different, I assume you mean that the information entered into each field will be different in the 12 tasks, but the fields themselves will be constant (since they’re in the same project). So, the problem here seems to be, what’s the most efficient way to copy and assign the task 12 times each month.

Now, you could use the Copy Task function, but that’s actually sower than just manually typing each task 12 times. What I would do is open Excel and set out all of your required tasks like this:

Now you can select them all and copy. Then create a new task in your Asana project and paste. All you need to do after that is bulk-select one month’s worth of tasks (select the first task in that month, hold down shift and select the last), then you can set the ‘Month Completed’ field and the assignee in one go.

It’s sounds a bit long-winded but it’ll save you loads of time overall.

I hope that’s helpful!


Yes, thank you very much! I have not thought of that workaround obviously! very helpful!! Many many thanks!


You’re welcome! I’m glad that’s useful. :grinning: