Copying list of actions from MS Excel or MS Word to Asana


I have been unsuccessful at copying a list of actions from MS Excel and MS Word to Asana. I go into either MS Work or MS Excel, select the list of actions, select copy and then go into Asana and select paste. However, only one action item is created in Asana rather than a list of action items that match the ones in MS Word and MS Excel. It appears that I am only able to copy and paste one action item at a time but that would be cumbersome for some of the projects that I am working on with 50 to 200 tasks. Any guidance from the Asana community would be greatly appreciated.


@David_Marshall I think the Asana-Excel integration via Zapier may be a perfect fit for you! Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect actions from one tool to another tool. Here is some information about the Zapier can help you create Asana tasks from new rows in Excel

Let us know if this works for you :slight_smile:


If you have a list of items in Excel like this:

You can just select them all, press Ctrl-C to copy, go to a new task or subtask line in Asana, and press Ctrl-V to paste. Then you get this:


This looks really promising. I tested this out and am able to pull tasks over from excel. The only thing I can’t seem to get working is creating Sections. I assumed this would be as simple as adding a colon to the end of the task name in excel, but rather than pulling this over as a Section it creates a new task with a blank name.


Hmm, check to make sure there’s no space after the colon in the Excel cell.


Oh, good thought. I just checked for that and no space.


Any luck on this, @Colin_Flanders? I’m having trouble replicating the problem.



These are the permissions Zapier asked for when I wanted to use the Excel to Asana tool. Absolutely not.


Is there anything in particular we can do to help you, Shahab?