Copying Comments from Template


Maybe you guys can help me with a work around…

I’ve got a lot of project tasks that are kind of “in the works.” So when I have my team work on them, I want them to tweak things but also leave comments as to what they have changed… a change management log I suppose. Preferably, this log gets copied to the new project, but that isn’t the case since comments on templates don’t transfer over.

I’m debating having them just write their changes in the description, but I figured there’s go to be a better way.


Hi @Elaine_Haas,

Perhaps it could help to use Subtasks (instead of Description) in this instance because they’d enable you to use Description for more typical purposes, and also because Subtasks can easily allow some structure using sub-sections and sub-tasks to recreate the Comment by-person and on-date header, maybe something like:


2018 11 01 by Julie:
Changed thingy to other thingy.

2018 10 29 by Bill:
Removed something-or-other.

With the use of the “CHANGE MANAGEMENT LOG:” ersatz super-section (ALL CAPS), you can even still use Subtasks for other groupings/purposes too.

Another idea if you want to stick with Comments is to see if would let you duplicate your project (instead of doing so with Templates) within the same workspace (I can’t recall if it does that but maybe).

Hope one of those helps…

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi


Further to Larry suggestion. What about having a seperate project that stores the Change Log for the template project. You can then link a descriptive task in your Template Project to refer to your change log project

This could enable people with an earlier version of the project template to update their project managing to reflect your tweaks.

Will also give you the opportunity to create a workflow to have the task changes approved before making them to the template project.