Copy Task on Mobile

There is something seriously wrong with your software if several years later, users are still unable to duplicate tasks on IOS - wtf?!!!



I’m really surprised: you are adding new features to desktop version almost every month and can not fix the simplest function for the app. Please consider it.

Wow… Asana you need to lift your game and listen to your customers. is looking so much more attractive then Asana!

It’s been literally YEARS since you said you were working on this. Seems like you’ve done nothing and kept zero people updated with development.

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Paid user 450+staff business with percentage on divisional premium and business level plan

  1. Go to iphone with…cant duplicate task
  2. reach for my ipad…cant duplicate task,
  3. Open in iPadOS13 with desktop class browser and cant launch asana it FORCES redirection to ipad app…cant copy task
  4. Now forced to boot computer to run asana in browser…just to copy task???
    This is basic level functionality where increasing business productivity occurs on mobile devices.
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Please please please add this feature! Essential for productivity in our organization. Utterly crazy that it isn’t available.

Evaluating Asana for use in my group. My users are mobile users and need the ability to duplicate a task template. Looks like Asana isn’t interested in giving mobile users the same critical feature found on the desktop browser. Sad. Will have to look for another solution.

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So i was having the same issue. But found a way to do it.

  • Go to through Google
  • click … at the right hand corner
  • Scroll to “request desktop site “

This should take you to the desktop version.

Hope this helps

Really need this feature to duplicate tasks in iOS app.