Copy task into other projects


Hello. I work in a travel agency and I would like to start using Asana in the most efficient way. We are trying to create a project for all the bookings of each market that we manage and in each project we would have the different bookings with the different task that needs to be done. This would be issued in the “board” platform.

I would like to know if I can copy the task for other projects and teams because the task would be almost the same for each booking.

Apart from this, if you can recommend us a better way to use it, we would appreciate it.



Hi @Raul_Montiel

If you have a premium account, you could create your own template, which people could use to set up their project each time. If you don’t have a premium account, you could just create a project with [template - please copy] in the title, and individuals could use the copy project function to set up a new version.



Dear Mark,

Thank you for your help. I would like to make 2 more questions:

· What is the limit of projects that one can do for each team?

· In a new project with the “board” display, is it possible to copy one column with all its task to the column right next to it and just change the name of the column?

Thank you again in advance for your help. I hope we can start using Asana on a regular basis here in the agency.

Best regards.


No problem, Raul.

In answer to your questions, I’m not aware of any limit to the number of projects available to a team, but others might know differently. We currently have well over a hundred projects in our team, with no problems. @Marie, do you know if there’s a limit?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to copy a column in board view. It’s easy to do this in list view, which is the main reason I prefer lists over boards. You can’t select more than one task in a board, and even if you use advanced search to bring up all of the tasks in list form, it’s not easy to distinguish which tasks come from which columns. I think if you want to keep using the board format, you could create a list version, with tasks multi-homed in each. That would make it easy to manage the tasks, but it would also mean doubling the amount of projects.

The board format is still fairly new, so I imagine Asana will be continually improving the format. For now, though, if you want to be able to manipulate your tasks more efficiently, I’d stick with lists.

Good luck setting it up!


Thanks for the mention @Mark_Hudson! You’re completely right there is no limit in how many projects you’re creating in a Team. @Raul_Montiel, that being said, too many projects in one Team might become hard to maintain in the long run! Hope this helps! :slight_smile: