Copy task details to subtasks automatically through a custom field & make the custom field value appear in the "my tasks" view


I ask 2 questions within the same ticket:

For a client I need to create a custom field (Purchase order #) for its tasks.

The objective would be that the value of this field is automatically copied into the subtask.

Eventually, when an Asana user goes into her/his “my tasks”’ view, they would see the value of the custom field as well.

I think that I will need a development to get it done.
But I enquire if there is still a functional way to get both requirements to work.

So I got 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to copy a custom field value from a task to all its subtasks?
  2. Is it possible to change the standard “my tasks” view to include in it a custom field as a column?

Thank you

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Hi @Diogène_Ntirandekura, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to automatically copy the value of a custom field from a task to a subtask. You would need to add the custom field value to the subtask manually. In regards to the option to have custom field in My Tasks, this is something we will implement soon! In the meantime, you can upvote for this feature here and follow the conversation: Custom Fields in My Tasks

Hello Emily,

Thanks for your answer.

I believe it is hugely important and it could be a showstopper for my current client.
I was told by a forum leader that the custom field would not appear in the new view of “my tasks”. If you tell me that it is the case, then I am very glad about it!
However I will have to wait until the end of April approximately?
The customer is a current Premium user.

I think that was me. I was referring to the initial release of the new My Tasks, which won’t have support for custom fields. @Emily_Roman is referring I think to future changes coming after the initial release.

Great, thanks for the clarification.

No worries, you are both right.
Maybe in the way I asked my question I was not precise enough.

Thanks so much for your quick help and reactions!!
I really appreciate it

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